It’s Spring! The weather is so beautiful, that we all want to take time to enjoy it, maybe with family or friends, or some quiet time alone at the beach. At Duck Blind, we offer some of the best wines in the world to help you relax. While we have thousands of wines at The Duck Blind, we think some of the best wines to enjoy with lighter Spring fare include the excellent white wines of Burgundy.

Burgundy wine or as the French would call “vin de Bourgogne”, is produced in the Burgundy region of France where many famous wines are produced. The white wines are made from perfectly blended Chardonnay grapes. Unlike California Chardonnay, White Burgundy has no oak or buttery notes. It is typically a crisp, slightly more acidic, elegant wine.

The white wines of Burgundy are labeled on the bottle as:

  • Grand Cru – These are the best of Burgundy wines from their best vineyards, only about 2% of all vineyards in Burgundy are reserved for this classification.
  • Premiere Cru – These wines are also produced from stellar quality vineyards but of less quality than Grand Cru.
  • Village Wines – These wines are produced from grapes that are grown from the only one of the 42 villages of Burgundy; the name of the village will be displayed on the bottle.
  • Regional Wines- These wines are of the lowest classification. They are produced from a combination of vineyards from the different villages in Burgundy. Unlike the village wine, these wines are blended together from the 42 villages. Half of Burgundy wines are in this classification.

So if you want to relax from that busy office work in the evening, plan a picnic with your family, a party, a romantic dinner or even want to amuse your mother-in-law, the friendly knowledgeable crew at The Duck Blind can help you select the perfect wine. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a novice, you’ll enjoy browsing the thousands of wines we have available. Be sure to ask one of our staff to recommend a clean, crisp White Burgundy for your next occasion, or just for your pleasure. As always, we offer free delivery to Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades.


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