Do you get stressed over selecting holiday gifts? It can feel overwhelming, especially when you have a long gift list and celebrations. Shopping at the Duck Blind can make it easier. We have a broad selection of unique gifts for those who appreciate the finer things, and we can accommodate any budget.

They say, “It’s the thought that counts”. When choosing a gift, think about the recipient, where they are from, what foods they like, places they have traveled… There will be a gift of wine, beer, liquor or champagne that will be sure to please, and demonstrate your thoughtfulness and care. If you’re attending a party, a gift of wine or champagne is almost always welcome. Do you know someone with a sweet-tooth? Consider an elegant bottle of dessert wine or port. If you know someone from Italy, Germany, France, Spain, or even Croatia we offer wines from around the world that can bring a taste of home. If you know what kind of food someone likes, we can help you find a wine that will go with it. If it’s a casual event or you know a beer-lover, we can help you put together a unique gift of craft-beer and microbrews.

At The Duck Blind, we have an incredible, distinctive collection of wine, champagne, craft-beer, whiskey, scotch, tequila and vodka. We have many of the brands you love, but we pride ourselves on our selection of things you cannot find at the supermarkets or big-box stores. During the holidays, we carry special gift editions of high-end liquor and champagne. If there is someone you’d like to impress, or you truly want a special gift, ask one of the crew about these gift-editions. They often contain rare releases and beautiful packaging.. We also carry beautiful wine bags, so you can pick up a bottle on your way, and arrive with a perfectly packaged gift. If you need something giftwrapped or delivered, we can do that too!

We at the Duck Blind wish you the happiest of holiday celebrations. If you need Brentwood Holiday Gift Ideas please stop on by!