American Whiskey | Santa Monica Liquor StoresAre you looking for American Whiskey in Santa Monica Liquor Stores? American Whiskey is experiencing a resurgence in popularity.  Cozying up with a small snifter of “sipping whiskey”  (whiskey that’s a pleasure to drink straight up) is a relaxing treat; premium whiskey makes cocktails especially delicious.  There are several kinds of American Whiskey. Knowing the details may help you make a selection for yourself, to try something new, or help you determine the perfect bottle to bring as a gift.  Whiskey is a distilled from a variety of fermented grain mashes: rye, wheat, corn, and barley.  Distilling American whiskey is an art form: straight American Whiskey has no added flavoring, colors, or blending agents.  The flavor comes from the grain itself, and the new charred white oak barrels used for aging.   Blended whiskeys, on the other hand, may contain flavorings, neutral grain spirits, or blending agents.

All American Whiskeys contain corn and malted barley, with the addition of either wheat or rye.  For example, Bourbon contains at least 51% corn, Straight Rye is (as its name suggests) is at least 51% Rye, Straight Wheat is at least 51% wheat, but Corn Whiskey (the only one with no aging requirements) is at least 80% corn.  Whiskeys containing wheat tend to be more mellow and smooth; rye whiskey tends to be spicy.  Single Barrel Whiskeys are premium whiskeys in which the whiskey from each barrel is bottled separately, with each bottle bearing the barrel number and in most cases the dates for the beginning and end of aging; none of the whiskey is blended, creating a unique flavor for each barrel.

Here are just a few of the American Whiskeys we carry at The Duck Blind in Santa Monica, the top destination of all Santa Monica Liquor Stores:

Wheat Whiskey: Bernheim Clyde May Conecuh Ridge Whiskey, Alabaman Recipe

Straight Bourbon: Breaking and Entering, Old Fitzgerald, Four Roses, Elijah Craig, Blanton

Kentucky Straight Bourbon: Hirsch, Lexington, Bookers, Angels Envy, Larceny, Fighting Cock

Rye Whiskey: Templeton, Ritten House, Whistle Pig, High West

Single Barrel Whiskey: Blanton